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Mobile App Development

UAE has now the most smart-phone user penetration in the Middle East with around 92.17%. Evox can transform your business ideas into mobile apps.

Mobile App Development Service in Dubai

Our expert mobile app development team in Dubai, ensures to build high-performance iOS apps, Android Apps and Progressive Web Apps.

User-friendly Layouts

We use our expertise as a website development agency to create websites that are immersive, engaging, intuitive, effortless to navigate and responsive across all platforms.

Stunning Web Designs

The website doesn’t need to be complicated to stand out. It just needs to use the design to visually communicate to your target that you are an exceptional brand.

Technology & Emotion

It isn’t enough to look good and work well. We make websites that evoke emotions. To do that we combine the digital medium with the real-world experience.

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Check out our portfolio with most recent works done by our website design company.
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Sell Online.
It’s simple.

Our e-commerce website designs provide fun and joyful shopping experiences that make your clients keep on coming back.

Making it easy with CMS.

The content management system (CMS) allows us to control a dynamic collection of web material and build content-oriented websites.

Supporting Website Services


You can feel safe and supported by registring your website with us. Our website hosting services are completely secure, incredibly efficient with full technical support in real-time, and have the unlimited capacity that will support websites of any size and complexity.

Competitive Analysis

To measure your product against the competition we use a method called web scraping. This means extracting the data from websites via an automated process which later allows us to make an in-depth analysis we can use to improve your marketing & digital strategy.

Mobile App Design & Development

We design apps that are completely consumer-focused and strategic, whether they are on iOS, Android or HTML5/Hybrid. A good app needs to be simple to use, effective, and it needs to provide an enjoyable digital experience. We develop apps that advance your business goals while providing actual value to your consumers.


UX and UI design both contribute to the single consumer experience. UX refers to the user experience, it focuses on how the platform works and how people interact with it, aiming to optimize the usability, accessibility and quality of the interaction. UI, user interface, pertains to the look and layout, aiming to make the user’s interaction both simple and efficient and keep them attached to your website. Every good web design and development company understands the importance of both and how they relate to each other to provide an amazing, memorable digital experience.


We design and develop all our websites to be SEO friendly, and help existing sites get there. Our goal is to have your website at the top of Google search. We can do this through Search Engine Marketing/Optimisation or Pay Per Click advertising, especially Google Ads.

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Are you looking for the right Dubai-based Web design company or creative agency that can make a difference? Do you need the right branding and design solutions for your company? Or are you looking for digital experts to design and develop a stunning new website and connect you to your target though an effective digital marketing strategy? Get in touch now and tell us all about your brand and upcoming projects. We are here to help.

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