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Slide Pay Per Click Advertising
(Google Ads)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Adwords Agency in Dubai

Get Results from Day One.

In theory, PPC Advertising, especially Google Adwords, is great - it gives your site a higher rank in search engines and you pay whenever a user clicks on your ad. What we want is to make sure those clicks convert into sales.


Before setting up your campaign we will discuss your campaign goals and create a strategy brief to ensure our targeting is spot on.


Optimal keywords. Good copywriting. Focused landing pages that connect with your audience. This part needs to be done right for the campaign to be successful.

Data Analysis

Proper conversion tracking and constant campaign optimisation. Google Adwords provides loads of useful data reports, it is just important to know what to focus on.


A well-planned PPC campaign can actually save you money and give your products and services instant visibility with measurable results. We want to get you on top!

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